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Fast Boost Guaranteed Can Help You Increase Your Credit Score

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I know, your credit score may be weighing you down. You’re probably sick & tired of having bad credit right now & I get it. I’ve been there!

This PDF is my starter guide, that can help give you clarity on your journey to better credit.

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Credit Restoration

What is Your Credit Score and Why is it Important?

Credit restoration has always been crucial. Your three-digit credit ratings have long been used by a mortgage, auto, and personal lenders to decide whether you are creditworthy enough to qualify for a loan. Your credit ratings are also used by lenders to determine how much interest you’ll pay on these loans. However, lenders aren’t the only ones that use credit ratings to make financial decisions.

When determining employment decisions, an increasing percentage of firms use credit information from job candidates. Those with poor credit may miss out on the jobs of their dreams. When it comes to establishing policy premiums, even vehicle insurance companies frequently use credit ratings. It’s obvious that having a good credit score is beneficial.

Fast Boost Guaranteed can help!


Jackson Credit Repair, CEO

Mark Jackson graduated from Purdue university in 1986. At the time, he felt like he did everything right – he was in the NFL, even played at a few Super Bowls – and made millions of dollars on and off the field.

At the end of the day though, that didn’t matter. He was financially illiterate. He had a 548 credit score with 16 negative reporting items. Credit didn’t matter to him because he didn’t know the rules. But in less than 12 months, he was able to increase his credit score by over 200 points to 763. Now, he is able to get approved for just about any type of loan, from home, auto, personal, and other types. He saves literally thousands of dollars in finance fees that used to go to the banks.

Mark is so appreciative of the platform that increased his credit score and financial literacy, he decided to offer this service to all of his friends and acquaintances who were naïve about credit and finances like he was. . He didn’t learn this at Purdue or in any other classroom, but rather, from the school of “hard knocks”.

Many young people feel thrown into a world they were never equipped to understand. That’s my job. I can help them navigate their finances and the credit bureaucracy, and in less than 90 days, you may see your credit score “jump” to a new level you may have never seen. From there, Fast Boost Guaranteed will help you stabilize and continue to work on increasing your score so you can buy a car or a home at a low-interest rate.

More than credit repair

We provide the tools and coaching to help build and protect your wealth


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“Mark Jackson is phenomenal, his advice and coaching are priceless! He's changed my lifepath which will impact generations to come."

S. Harris

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“I tried to make Business Moves with bad credit. I found that banks don't accept "Street Credit"... When I got my credit score up I got my buying power back. Thank you MJ”

R. Ceballos

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“I own the largest fitness company in Colorado but family is #1. What I learned through working with Mark is 'CREDIT IS POWER'. I had lots of cash but I needed to get my Credit Score up to purchase our new home. Thank you for that leverage!"

D. Salum


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Starting with Credit: Tips for Renters and Potential Homeowners

Starting with Credit: Tips for Renters and Potential Homeowners

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Credit and Homeownership

Credit and Homeownership

Give Me Some Credit! Credit and Homeownership. Does credit repair work? Many websites say that a credit repair company can’t do anything for your credit that you can’t do yourself; how would you respond to this assertion, and what reasons would you give them for hiring a credit repair company?